Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders, Series A - Atlas Cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinders, Heavy Duty Steel -
Atlas Series A

When the job demands reliable, heavy-duty performance, choose Series A Cylinders.

Each Series A Cylinder features a 100,000 psi yield strength chrome-plated, case-hardened piston rod, a 125,000 psi yield strength rod-end stud with rolled threads, and 100,000 psi yield strength tie rods. With construction like this, the Atlas Series A is one heavy-duty air cylinder that’s truly heavy duty. This cylinder is rated for air service to 250 psi.

They’re genuinely premium quality cylinders, standard factory pre-lubricated with a non-lube option for millions of maintenance-free cycles. To make sure every cylinder is premium quality, we subject each and every one – not just batch samples – to tough inspection and performance tests.

Series A non-lube air cylinders feature rounded lip rod and piston seals that glide over PTFE based lubricant to provide long seal and bearing life without the use of air line lubricators. As the cylinder strokes, no oil is expelled into the atmosphere with exhaust air.

Every Series A cylinder is individually tested before leaving our facility to ensure proper performance and leak free operation. Additionally, each comes with an eighteen month warranty.


  • AVN Series Rounded Lip Rod Seal for superior non-lube performance
  • Nodular iron rod bushing for enhanced machine productivity
  • AV Series Serrated Lip Rod Seal for no-leak sealing
  • Individually tested to assure reliability
  • Eighteen month warranty


  • Vehicle Assembly Facilities
  • Factory Automation
  • Machine Tools
  • Food & Beverage
  • Plastic Processing


  • Industrial
  • Processing