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Atlas Cylinders Series RDH

Series RDH heavy duty industrial grade roundline hydraulic cylinders are repairable right in the field and provide long cycle life. Series RDH is 3,000 psi rated, can be configured with 9 standard mounts, includes strokes to suit your needs, and many standard options.

Atlas RDH Roundline Cylinders

Atlas Cylinders Series RDH industrial grade roundline welded hydraulic cylinders add value through proven reliability, efficient performance and the high quality you expect from every Atlas Cylinder Division product. Each Series RDH hydraulic cylinder includes superior design features for a 3,000 psi roundline welded cylinder. Features include: energized bi-directional piston seal, standard composite wear rings both in the head and on the piston, and hard chrome plated piston rods.

The Tri-Lip Rod Seal combined with the Double-Service Wipersealâ„¢ comprises a sealing system that delivers dry rod performance. The one-piece piston is piloted to the piston rod and sealed with an O-ring to eliminate oil bypass through the joint. Anti-extrusion design o-ring Body End Seals provide leak-free service. Magnetic piston for actuating Atlas Cylinders ALS switches through carbon steel cylinders and EPS or CLS sensors are available for stroke position sensing. Port mounted counterbalance valves provide versatility by offering hose break protection, preventing loads from drifting and controlling overrunning loads.

All Atlas cylinder products have an eighteen month warranty and each Series RDH cylinder is individually tested before leaving our facility to ensure proper performance and leak-free operation.


  • Optional magnetic piston and switches for position sensing
  • Port mounted counterbalance valves for cylinder control
  • Tri-Lip Rod Seal for no-leak sealing
  • Non-metallic wear rings at both head and piston
  • Individually tested to ensure reliability
  • 18 month warranty


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  • Lumber and Wood
  • Energy Production, Development and Service
  • Power Generation
  • Factory Automation


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