Stainless Steel Air Cylinders, Series SA - Atlas Cylinders

Stainless Steel Air Cylinder — Atlas Cylinder Series SA

The Atlas Series SA stainless steel cylinder blends corrosion resistance with proven reliability. It is designed specifically to meet today’s demand for cylinders in harsh chemical washdown environments.

Atlas Series SA Application

Series SA premium quality air cylinders provide several different options to meet your needs. Atlas cylinders are available with eight mounting styles, optional cushions, piston bumper seals, and magnetic piston. The Series SA cylinder is rated for Non-Lube service to keep the cylinder as low maintenance as possible. It is built entirely of 303 and 304 stainless steel material with the exception of the aluminum piston, which resists many corrosive elements. The Atlas cylinder is prominent in the food processing industry where a clean and bacteria free environment is incredibly important.

Series SA non-lube premium quality air cylinders are available for speedy delivery to minimize your downtime. The SA cylinder should be your first choice when selecting stainless steel cylinders. The piston seals of Series SA cylinders include Nitrile lipseals that are pressure energized and wear compensating. Their excellent lubrication retention features lower seal friction and ensure long life. The 303 piston rod is stainless steel, 40,000 PSI minimum yield, hard chrome plated, ground and polished. The piston is made of solid aluminum alloy - strong, yet light-weight for low inertia. An optional stainless steel piston is available at an added cost.


  • Removable Jewel rod gland for easy service of rod seals
  • Composite body material option for reduced weight
  • Piston lipseals in all bore sizes for ensured no-leak sealing
  • Magnetic piston option for position sensing
  • Each cylinder is tested individually to guarantee reliability
  • Eighteen month warranty


  • Power Generation
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Industrial Chemical Processing
  • Miscellaneous Processing
  • Food & Beverage


  • Industrial
  • Processing
  • Energy